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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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chick-fil-a. >> kids in the back going yea. >> we had a lady who had an awful day. she received it, we told her what was going on, she started crying in the drive-through. >> it wasn't just food. it was soul food. that man should be known by all as being the good stuff. now to the newsroom with miss carol costello. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," vanished. >> jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with. >> breaking overnight, the search for missing uva student hannah graham intensifies. gone for nine days as her parents make a plea for help. >> we need to find out what happened to hannah. also, white house jumper. >> there was a failure here. >> two major security breaks. >> this is absolutely inexcusable. >> why was the white house front door unlocked?
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why weren't the dogs launched? new concerns and questions about the secret service. and climate march. >> we are at a pivotal turning point. >> hundreds of thousands taking to the streets as the united nations begins to debate environmental action. this morning new protests aimed at wall street. let's talk live in the cnn newsroo newsroom. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning with the desperate search for a missing college student and heartbreaking pleas from her parents. >> we want to do now, bring hannah home safely. i appeal to anybody who knows anything.
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please, please help us. >> nine days after anhannah vanished, police want to talk to this man. jesse matthew is the last seen with mhannah. police have searched his car and apartment and now trying to find him. tell uses more jean. >> reporter: we've heard so much about the downtown mall area. this is it in charleston, virginia. the last known place hannah was ever seen alive. her parents are here in the area and have been all week. they never came out to speak publicly. i could tell yesterday it took all the strength they had to step up to that microphone. >> hannah is also our little girl. she's our only daughter, james' sister. she's also -- hannah is also the oldest granddaughter both of my own parents and sue's parents. she's actually my parent's only
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granddaughter. she's enormously precious to us all. >> the parents of hannah graham spoke publicly the first time on sunday pleading for help in finding their daughter. >> we know hannah was downtown early saturday morning. we know happen and a half was distinctively dressed. did you see hannah? did anybody see hannah? somebody did. >> at a press conference sunday, charlottesville police chief in an unusual move publicly pointed fingers. >> i believe jesse matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the earth. because it's been a week and we can't find her. >> law enforcement says matthew was seen on surveillance yesterdvideo walking behind hannah in the mall.
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jesse matthew walked into the char lotsvil charlottesvilled. >> he got inside and asked for a lawer, and we found him one. >> police do not have probable cause to tie him case. >> i think the reason hannah has such marvelous support is this is every parent's worst nightmare. i'm certain that everybody in the room and those watching knows that what happened to hannah could happen to their child. we need to find out what happened to hannah and make sure it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> an emotional plea to help push this investigation forward. >> and i was able to confirm that jesse matthew works at the university of virginia hospital, the medical center. police tell me he is an orderly there. those that know him in the community i've spoken with say he would be the first to help
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hannah not hurt her. what he does for a living is helps people at the hospital when they are patients there. carol? >> yet this man went into the police department and said here i am. i know you're looking for me. then he asked for a lawyer and then disappeared. it sounds suspicious jean. >> reporter: here are the facts we know. he walked in the police department as you're saying, asked for an attorney. they got him an attorney. jesse spoke with the attorney. well we know carol what attorneys tell their clients, don't talk. we don't know what they said. after that, he left and didn't speak with authorities. now here's what happened after that. later on in the day, authorities saw him in his car. they believed he was driving at an excessive rate of speed. the virginia state department of police have issued two arrest warrants for misdemeanor reckless driving. they have not arrested him. they have those outstanding
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warrants. today the police chief tells me he expects it to be a big day. he wants the results of the forensic testing from jesse matthew's car and apartment. he tells me that forensic investigators spent hours on that car. if he doesn't get the results by this afternoon, he says he's going to make a phone call because he needs the results to tie in this person that is not a suspect. they won't admit a person of interest. just someone they are interested in talking with. >> all right jean reporting live from charlottesville, virginia this morning. u.s. secret service is ratcheting up security measures this morning after a pair of incidents raised concerns about it's vulnerability. that video is just incredibly astounding right? the scary incident took place friday when a man scaled the fence, fence, dash add cross the white house lawn and made it through the front door.
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gonzalez is described as an iraqi war veteran suffering from ptsd. >> if you work at the white house, security is always a top concern. it's something you think about. it's so unbelievable to people this man was able to jump over the fence, make it across the yard, open the front doors and walk inside. what we expect to see is more security and surveillance outside the white house and possibly even bag checks. >> security outside the white house now is visible, very visible. but it often is, so all the more dumbfounding that omar gonzalez was able to do this 7:30 friday night. take a look at this video. sprinting, 20 seconds to 70 yards across the entire lawn, up the stairs, onto the portico.
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you see a secret service officer with gun drawn. gonzalez makes it inside the white house where he was tackled. the first family was not home. in gonzalez pants pocket, a folding knife with a three and a half inch blade. >> how anyone in the days of isis and concern of terrorists attacks, someone could get in the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> now the internal investigation. why at the tlooeps weren't secret service dogs deployed and why couldn't officers have gotten to him before he hit the doors? the statement, the secret service admits while officers showed restraint dealing with the subject, the location of the gonzalez arrest is not acceptable. sure the officer on the roof could have shot gonzalez, he didn't. these things are taken in context that gonzalez didn't
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appear to be armed, had no bags, nothing bulky. they said the 42-year-old texans who spent time in the military including tour in iraq was known by the secret service. his family members say he had been struggling lately, drifting and ptsd. 24 hours after this breach, another man tried to get in through the white house gate on foot, then drove to another entrance, got out of his car and refused ed td to leave. he too was arrested. some call this the last straw. >> you know, the last couple of years have not been the greatest for secret service in terms of embarrassing incidents starting with the couple that crashed the white house party in 2009. then the prostitution scandal in 2012 along with others too. the white house says it has full confidence in the secret service and says it is certain the review will be conducted with
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professionalism and commitment that the american public expects. sounds about as much like a directive as a statement carol. >> all right. michelle reporting live from the white house this morning. three afghan soldiers in massachusetts were training have gone missing. the soldiers at joint base cape cod were seen at a nearby mall. the massachusetts national guard says soldiers are not a threat to the public. earlier this month, two afghan police officers training with dea wandered off on a sightseeing trip in washington. they wanted to stay in the united states. they were found and eventually sent home. the u.s. is spearheading a global campaign to stop the isis rekruts. president obama will meet with a dozen heads of state wednesday. the resolution on the matter is expected to pass. the diplomatic effort comes as u.s. air strikes pound isis in iraq. we are at the pentagon this morning.
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good morning. >> good morning carol. it's all in president obama's hands when and where and if to strike isis inside syria. >> more weekend u.s. air strikes against isis in iraq, close to 200 so far. the pentagon says it's ready to hit isis targets inside syria at any moment, once president obama gives final approval. the president takes his case this week to the united nations. his u.n. ambassador arguing he has overwhelming support. >> we are not having problems getting countries to commit. >> in a rare event, the president will chair a security council meeting wednesday, a demonstration of his commitment to build a consensus to take on isis. cnn has now learned he is hoping to get approval for a resolution calling for countries to crack down on citizens travel ago broad to join terrorists groups like this. still no arab nations have
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openly agreed to send ground troops or take part in air strikes in syria. secretary of state john kerry is already at the u.n. lobbying for allies to help, even talking to iran. republican congressman peter king says the president shouldn't wait to build pay coalition. >> we can't be holding back. we should attack and strike and do what we can to command centers isis has in syria. >> no word on whether turkey might allow u.s. planes to fly from bases there after the weekend release of 50 turkish diplomats held hostage by isis three months. meanwhile, a mass exodus of refugees seeking in turkey. one u.s. official has seen 100,000 people cross in just two days. >> you can see a them digging their own graves. >> this isis militant speaking
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seemingly perfect english in the propaganda video. it has u.s. officials thinking he could be an american. they're still doing voice analysis but are concerned they say this could be the first time an american is portrayed as an isis leader. >> the flames of war are beginning to intensify. >> analysts are now watching isis around the clock to see how they are reacting to all of this international pressure. analysts saying that some of the terrorists are moving to cities, trying to mix in with civilian populations and changing their communications perhaps trying to avoid what they believe is a coming u.s. attack. carol? >> all right barbara starr live from the pentagon. thanks so much. still to come in the newsroom, parents of missing uva student hannah graham wait and hope for the best.
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we talk to the father of survivor elizabeth smart is going through and how you can help. [ male announcer ] some come here
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the parents of missing university of virginia student hannah graham are desperate for clues, answers, anything to bring their daughter home. she vanished more than a week ago. with each passing day, they're not giving up hope.
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they're pleading with the public for help. you'll hear her father with his wife by his side. here's his complete unedited statement. >> good morning. my name is john graham. i'm hannah's father. to my right is sue, hannah's mother and my wife. as this nightmare for hannah, for us, hannah's big brother james, her grand parents and extended family continues, we would like to make this statement. we have been utterly over well med this week by the generosity spirit of everybody we have met and many more besides who we've been able to meet. we understand over 1,000 volunteers have been out combing charlottesville looking for our girl. yesterday and today. similar number of wonderful people are out today searching.
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sue and i were out searching yesterday. so was some of our work colleagues, friends, neighbors from our home, hannah's friends from softball, hannah's friends from high school team, high school and many others. the effort is much wider. members of the charlottesville community have turned out to help. hannah's university friends have been helping. i read this morning a gentleman came from as far away as baltimore, maryland to help. thank you sir. i read that alexis murphy's aunt trina was helping. thank you. sue and i are utterly overwhelmed by this support for hannah and we cannot begin to express our thanks. we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. i think that the reason that hannah has such marvelous
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support is that this is every parent's worst nightmare. i'm certain that everybody in this room and those watching knows that what happened to hannah could happen to their child. we need to find out what happened to hannah and make sure that it doesn't happen no anybody else. you have all i'm sure read about hannah. you will have read that hannah is a second year student at the university of virginia, a skier, musician, softball player. she likes to help people. she's interested in a career in helping others. just as a little example, last spring break, instead of hanging around on the beach like other students may have done, she spent a week in tuscaloosa rebuilding houses and helping the recovery from the devastating tornado. that's hannah.
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that's one hannah. hannah is also our little girl. she's our only daughter. she's james' little sister. she's also -- happnnah is the oldest granddaughter of my own parents and sue's parents. she's my parent's only granddaughter. she's enormously precious to us all. while you think of what we're going through, think of our parents as well. hannah's grandparents. they are literally an ocean away. they're not knowing what happened to their little girl, their little granddaughter and unable to help. it's awful for them. now, somebody knows what happened to hannah. we don't know who that is, but somebody knows what happened to hannah. and others may be watching and may know something about what happened to hannah.
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they may not even know that they know what happened to hannah. what do we know? hannah was downtown early saturday morning. we know hannah was distinctively dressed. did you see hannah? did anybody see hannah? did you see hannah? who saw hannah? somebody did. please, please, please if you have anything, however insignificant you think it may be, call the police tip line. with anything that just might help us to bring hannah home. sue and i have received countlecount less messages of support since this began. i would like to read to you one e-mail we received this morning from one of hannah's high school teachers. it reads as follows. i am sure you're continually
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inundated with hundreds of people reaching out daily, but i wanted to touch base again to express hope and confidence. throughout the week, as i spoke with hannah's friends and teachers and the countless other people who's lives have been bettered by hannah's passion and positivity, one theme shown brightly through each conversation, hope. not because that's what people feel like they should say at a time like this, but because of who hannah is. hannah is brilliant, resilient, determined, loves life more than anyone else i know. everyone agrees if anyone could get through this, it is hannah. i've been trying to frame my thoughts with the idea that every moment that passes, we are one moment closer to having hannah back. let's hope today is the day. lovely message we received this
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morning. when i returned home from bringing hannah back to charlottesville last month, i found she left this little guy behind. this is hannah's favorite white rabbit bb. he was given to hannah by one of my friends when she was less than a week old. bb helped out in tuscaloosa, and he was hannah's constant guardian, companion, friend, guardian angel until last month when she chose to return to charlottesville without him. constant companion that is, except for about six months when hannah was three years old when he was lost in the nursery. we found bb and brought him home to hannah and to us. all we want to do now is bring hannah home safely. i appeal to anybody who knows anything. please, please help us.
6:25 am
thank you. >> i'm joined now by someone who can relate to what the grands are going through now. ed smart is the father of k kidnapped survivor elizabeth smart. listening to that news conference shook me. mr. smart, your daughter elizabeth went missing nine months when abducted in 2002, as moving as john graham was, watching hannah's mother hit a lot harder, cannot speak, what struck you about this news conference? >> you know, i think that being able to come forward and sharing with the community was one of the most important things they could possibly do. it's incredibly difficult. everyone handles things differently. our prayers and thoughts certainly go out to the grahams. i thought when you look at what this conference is doing, it's really a call to action to
6:26 am
mobilize to help search for her. nothing could be more important at this time. i think usually they say that if they don't find the person within the first 24 hours that there's a better probability they will find the person. so in this case, hannah could still be out there. everyone needs to come and help search for her. i think that's probably the most important message that could be shared. making her the real person that she is, being able to share a part of her was very important. >> i was going to ask you about that ed. we heard hannah's parents read an e-mail from a former teacher, held up a beloved stuffed rabbit. what message does that show about hannah? >> it's trying to portray who hannah is which is important to
6:27 am
the public. when elizabeth was taken out of her home, i think that was one of the things that as we talked about elizabeth and what kind of person she was like, that's what they were trying to portray. this was totally out of character and that they need everybody's help out there. you know, sometimes people don't understand that they've seen something or that they've experienced something that might be of value. that call to action is something that is very important in finding hannah. >> i just -- i don't know how to quite phrase this properly. i'll just go ahead and say it. the last image we have of hannah is -- according to police, she was slightly drunk and running through the streets. that must be painful for her parents because that doesn't define who their daughter is. >> absolutely not.
6:28 am
i mean, i think the focus really needs to stay on who hannah is and where she might be and that really, the hope is that they will find her by everyone helping. you know, i'm sure that hannah is a wonderful person. she needs to be found. when i think of the outpouring and help and support that we had as a family, nothing brought more hope than the support of the community. my son said to me dad, i've never -- i couldn't believe seeing every walk of life, every religion, the amazing support. that's what the grahams need more than anything at this point is to have the support of the community. those eyes and ears even now taking a look at her picture and envisioning her and being able to go out there and keep your eyes open. the day that elizabeth was found, two people saw her at the
6:29 am
same time. that's what our hope is for hannah. our hearts go out to them. i hope and pray that the community out there will give continued support in finding her. she is the daughter, precious daughter. they need all the help they could possibly get. >> ed smart, thanks so much. i appreciate you being with me this morning. >> you bet. >> i'm back in a minute.
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huge rallies across the globe to fight climate change on the heels of secretary of state john kerry addressing the united nations about climate change in the next hour. the secretary is expected to deliver strong comments about how important this issue is putting climate change on the same level as fighting ebola and isis. >> from manhattan to melbourne, copenhagen to rio dejaneiro, people marched if in droves to participate in the climate march. the environmental defense funds sponsored the event in new york they dubbed the biggest march in history. hundreds of thousands took part.
6:34 am
>> we're seeing massive draug droughts, storms devastating the east coast, flooding threatening this city others. the solution is clear to get 100% clean power economy. >> why is it important to lend your name to this? >> because my kids whom i love dearly. i want to do my best to give them the best world that they deserve to have. >> united nations secretary general moon, celebrities, and politicians participated in the two and a half mile rally. the protest is designed to lead into the summit saturday.
6:35 am
world leaders will gather at the united nations and offer ideas to combat climate change. as an environmental activist and newly appointed u.n. messenger of peace, actor leonardo decap rio will address the summit. >> rapid change happening every week in the news. >> president obama is also expected to speak. >> let's bring in allison live on wall street where hundreds of activists plan to protest what they say is the role of big business in climate change. good morning allison. >> reporter: good morning carol. they're putting the link between big business and climate change because of this. they say big business is helping to create the problem of global climate change because of investments in things like oil, fracking, and coal. they're trying to point this out by making these demonstrations like the one you talked about yesterday. the one today. all this leading up to world
6:36 am
leaders meeting this week at the u.n. there's also a big climate summit happening on tuesday. what's going to happen here today? the hundreds that you see here are expected after a bunch of speeches this morning, to then hit the pavement and start the march toward the new york stock exchange on wall street. they're ultimate goal to shut down the new york stock exchange. in the process, they're probably going to get arrested. they are doing this knowing they don't have permits to march or permits for their massive sit-in. they have a purpose in their march. i talked to one of the environmental activists. listen to what he had to say. >> the climate crisis is fundamentally an issue of the economy. over the last 10 to 20 years, frequent u.n. conferences have failed to deal with the fundamental problem of the climate crisis. flood wall street is an attempt to bring the problem to the
6:37 am
doorstep of the people who are fundamentally responsible for crisis we find ourselves in now. >> reporter: one interesting note i felt was they plan to march with 300 foot wide banner that says capitalism equals climate chaos. it takes at least 100 to walk with that sign. carol? >> wow. allison kosik, we'll check back with you. thanks so much. i'm back in a minute. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. centurylink your link to what's next.
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. this morning the secret service is beefing up security at the white house. here's a live look from 1600 pennsylvania aver. the increased security measures followed two incidents over the weekend. here was the most alarming. the man there jumped the fence, running across the white house lawn and barges through the front doors of the white house.
6:41 am
he's identified as iraq war veteran omar gonzalez. he's going to appear in court today. his stepson says he suffers ptsd after serving three tours in iraq. lawmakers say there's no excuse for this type of security breach. >> there can be a lot of conspiracies against a president or set of plots. this is the most basic, simple type of procedure. how anyone, especially in the days of isis and concern of terrorists attacks, someone would get in the white house without being stopped. inexcusable. >> it's crazy, right? i have seen the video of the man running across the lawn, and it stuns me every time. cnn political commentator and ben ferguson, cnn political commentator, welcome to you both. >> good to be here. >> nice to have you both here. ben, before we get to the secret service and problems, let's talk about public access to the white
6:42 am
house. fence jumpers are not uncommon. is it time to rethink public access to the white house in light of what happened? >> i think you certainly have to look at this and say were there rules that were broken that the secret service should implement and not necessarily shut down the street or say there's a new security check point, did they not do their job appropriately? is that the real issue? i think americans should be able to go be close to the white house. i don't want it to be quarantined off. when you see someone like this able to accomplish this -- they say the man had significant issues after serving in our military. they don't feel he was a direct threat to the white house. >> he had a knife in his pocket. >> well, he had a knife in his pocket, but what i'm saying is he's not a threat like a terrorist in the same way a terrorist may watch this video
6:43 am
and say wow, if this guy can do this, imagine if ten or 15 of us jump the fence. what will they do then? that's the bigger concern. >> that's exactly right. what if he was a terrorist, had a bomb. he was 15 seconds from where the president could have been. that's very dangerous. this is not about closing off the white house to the public. this is about the secret service doing its job. we have seen over the years, times the secret service has failed. some argue it comes from the shift from the treasury department to homeland security overseeing secret service in 2003, whole different culture. >> along the lines in march 2014, agents got drunk on the job. in 2012, several agents brought
6:44 am
prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. now some random guy goes into the white house. i'm leave ought the weird couple that broke into the white house party in 2009. there's clearly something up right? >> yeah. i think that's where you need significant overhaul of procedures. this is a huge embarrassment for the secret service that one guy could get this far with no one stopping him. it brings up the bigger question of security, of a terrorist or someone with a bomb. i guarantee you they're going to look at what happened and be encouraged to say wow, maybe this could be something that we should look at. that's where the secret service should come out in a blunt way and say we've change add procedures, changed how we're doing things. this will never ever happen again. >> here's the other thing. the president came out with a statement and said he had full confidence in the secret service.
6:45 am
how can he say that? >> what else is he going to say? i have no fathd in people protecting me? that would make things more chaotic. he has to pretend and probably has to believe the guys protecting him have the capacity to do so. i don't think they do. i think it's time to have new people. there people who wouldn't have been hired under the previous administration. some says the worst moment since '63 prekennedy assassination. that's problematic because this president has more threats, more verbal assaults, more than anyone else in recent years. there's been a rise in national organizations and is death threats. all this is happening and, secret service is getting worse. that's not a good combination. >> mark and ben, thanks to you both. i'm back in a minute. >> thanks. fshz
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some cyber creep or creeps have leaked another round of nude celebrity photos online. according to the daily beast, names in the latest high profile hack include kim kardashian, mary kate olson, that one surprised me, jennifer lawrence again. it's not clear who is behind this latest privacy breach but, as you might recall, pictures of lawrence and other celebrities found their ways on to sites like 4 chan and reddit just a few weeks ago. so what is up with this? joining me for more, cnn's entertainment correspondent nischelle turner and technology analyst brett larson. >> brett gives the long sigh. >> again? >> what is up with this, nischelle? >> i'm not surprised because the last time we saw this a couple weeks ago we did hear from them saying "i have a long laundry list of nude pictures of celebrities and just get ready
6:50 am
because i'm going to release them periodically." so the ones that have come out now, not surprising. to be perfectly honest, like you said, mary kate olson, i'm a little surprised. the other names on the list, not completely surprised that they have them and i'm not even sure if they mind much because they're kind of open with their bodies. >> you mean like kim kardashian? >> could be. >> but there's a difference, fred, in the releasing the photos on your own and somebody doing it for you. >> right. you have control when you leak your sex tape. you don't so much -- >> and as nischelle pointed out, you make money. >> exactly. you might get a little extra scratch off that, too. but when someone is hacking into your phone and taking your private photos that you're not sharing with the rest of the world, absolutely it's out of your control. i love that one of the hackers went to reddit to say it's been great pr for them and that it's been enormous and good effects will go on and it's like no, no, no, we're pulling back the curtain on these hackers, you're not the wizard of oz, you're
6:51 am
bottom feeders who live in your parents' basement who are trading in this. >> why can't they catch these people? >> it's difficult. >> it's difficult. that's an interesting point because the -- in this latest round gabrielle union who have pictures of her and her now husband dwayne wade put out a statement saying they have contacted the fbi. they're going to go forward to try to catch these guys because she does believe it's an invasion privacy. she's had sexual assault in her past. >> jennifer lawrence did, too, though. >> she's going to do it. megan good put out a statement saying she was disgusted by it. so maybe if there is this coalition of celebrities going forward then something can be done but i don't think this is just an issues for celebrities to be concerned about. this is for all of us regardless of nude pictures or not. >> we're seeing this with teenagers in high school who very freely exchanging sexual pictures of themselves and then they get leaked and it becomes the sort of a bullying issue and in many ways that's kind of what this is, it's a bullying issue if you're releasing private
6:52 am
photos of someone to get publicity. >> the only sort of positive thing -- and i'm searching, i am -- is reddit immediately took the pictures offline and even 4 chan. >> they changed their policy on posting pictures after the last time around to say we will proactively take this stuff down as opposed to leaving it as part of the stuff that flows through the site day after day which i think is great. the other positive if we can find a positive is we're all talking about it and we're all hoping that something is done about it because we want that protection for ourselves as well. >> one of the things in this case, too, that i found disturbing is the fact and in megan good's case she blasted the people, just regular folks, who were reposted her pictures over and over. so my thing is, why do you want to do that? why? what do you get out of that? >> no clue. >> that's just kind of creepy. >> it's the keyboard courage. it's the i'm safe in my own home behind a keyboard i can do whatever i want. >> knee they winischelle turner
6:53 am
lawrence, thanks to both of you, i'll be right back. hi, i'm jay farner, president of quicken loans. and we're here in detroit with our amazing team members. the best part about working with quicken loans, is that you have a mortgage expert on the other line that's always gonna find out the best possible solution. we just don't treat you as a loan number. we wanna make sure that we help you out. we're people just like them. ya know, and we know that they have jobs, they have kids, they have soccer. their home is where their heart is. so we wanna make sure that we take care of them. call quicken loans today for a mortgage experience that's engineered to amaze!
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the nfl put on its full slate of games on sunday but with controversy still swirling around the league, it was not business as usual. point one, comedy central buying time on fox's broadcast of the washington redskins game and poking fun at the team's defense of its nickname. >> in the name of decency, i am asking that you please stop using the name "washington redskins" to refer to your company. >> stop? but why? >> you have no right to use our name to get attention. >> the trademark got pull sod i'm free to use the name. >> don't you see when you call your organization the washington redskins it's offensive to us? >> how is it offensive? >> it's derogatory, mr. cartman, makes us feel like a joke! >> daniel snyder, are you listening? i didn't think so. the baltimore ravens were back
6:57 am
in action, too, but many of their fans were wearing different jerseys. the ravens said more than 7,000 people turned in their ray rice jerseys as part of an exchange offer. also today, the ravens are expected to address an espn report about the -- about what the team knew about that inside-the-elevator video hours after rice assaulted janay palmer. there are allegations that head coach john harbaugh wanted to cut rice and the other owners of the team disagreed. they'll address that later today. at his post-game news conference, however, harbaugh suggested the decision to keep rice at that time was one made jointly by team executives and him, the coach. that brings us to another star running back out there. because of alleged off-the-field violence, adrian peterson. cnn's andy schultz is in new orleans where peterson's viking teammates played on without him. good morning, andy. >> the vikings tried to block out the off-the-field distractions going on with adrian peterson as they took on
6:58 am
the saints yesterday but they weren't able to get a win. they're now 0-2 without adrian peterson on the field. they lost to the saints 20-9. failed to score a touchdown in this game so it's obvious the vikings are missing peterson on the field. i talked to a bunch of players after the game. they say they know they can't replace what peterson brought to the table and they know they can't just sit around and wait to see if or when peterson is going to return to the team. now peterson's next court date is scheduled for october 8. if his case goes to trial, it might not be heard until some time next year and if that happens, carol, it means peterson will probably not play another down in the nfl this season. >> what were the fans saying about the commissioner, roger goodell? anything? >> we walked around and talked to a lot of fans yesterday, they said despite this pr nightmare they still love the nfl, they'll still keep watching the games on the tv but the majority did say they don't like roger goodell, they don't think he's done a good job handling these issues and many think he should be punished. some of them think he should
6:59 am
lose his job. take a listen. >> i think he should resign, honestly. i mean, i don't know how it would go but i think he should resign. he's doing an awful job and i don't know, i think it's time for-to-go. >> i think he should lose his job. >> he should be fined and suspended from his position where he's at. >> i think the media has blown everything out of proportion and i think that's just a new thing and i think it's wrong and i think that if it's done in the right way then, yes, but to let all the past players who have been accused of rain and beating other people and stuff and they're still playing to this day, it's not right. >> so we all know roger goodell is not going to step down willingly. he still has the support of a lot of the owners and we saw just yesterday he was at the new york giants football game so fans shouldn't expect roger goodell to be going anywhere. >> we'll see. andy scholes, thanks so much. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom, vanished.
7:00 am
>> jessie matthew was the last person she was seen with. >> breaking overnight, the search for missing uva student heather graham intensifies. gone for nine days as her parents -- >> my name is john graham -- >> -- make a plea for help. >> we need to find out what happened to hannah. also, white house jumper. >> there was a failure here. >> two major security breaks. >> thbs inexcusable. >> why was the white house front door unlocked? why weren't the dogs launched? new concerns and new questions about the secret service. and climate march. >> we are at a pivotal turning point. >> hundreds of thousands taking to the streets as the united nations begins to debate environmental action. >> we want clean air for our people. >> this morning, new protests me